Wimbledon 2019- Ladies’ Semi Finals Preview

We are here in 2019. With still Serena Williams making it to the Semi Finals at the age of 37, the sixteenth time she did it at this very same Grand Slam. But, everything around her changed. Will she win her eighth Wimbledon Trophy?

Ladies’ Semi Finals:

Unlike Gentleman’s tennis, over the years, the ladies’ tennis arena changed drastically. We have new crop of players coming up every other day challenging the who’s and who’s of the sport. But, there is one Serena Williams who stands the test of the time. Yet again, the tournament at Wimbledon threw a lot of surprises, unsurprisingly.

Semi-Final 1: Serena Williams vs. Barbara Strycova

The American vs The Czech. The Been-there-done-that vs. Well-The-First-Time-is-Special. A lot had already been spoken about “the” Serena and the superstar she had been. But for Barbara Strycova, it could be that special moment as she vie for her first ever Grand Slam. This had been her best performance in all her professional career, 16 years since her turning pro.

Road to Semi-Finals:

Serena Williams:


Barbara Strycova:


Let’s look at the stats from the tournament that compare the semi-finalists:

Serena, undoubtedly, the powerful of the two in terms of power generated through the shots. Serena’s precision and power comes into play as Strycova is no where closer compared to her in aces and the fastest serve is at least 10 MPH slower . But, Strycova’s strongest suit is here ability to move swiftly across the court. She had covered a distance of almost twice of Serena per match. She should focus on winning her serves and avoiding break points will be the key.

Semi-Final 2: Elina Svitlonia vs Simona Halep

Simona Halep not long ago looked like the player to beat. Not long ago, she was World Number One. Six months into the new year, she had to deal with all sorts of trouble. She is currently at #7, drop of six ranking positions in less than half a year. This was the period that saw the meteoric rise of Ashley Berty and other younger contingent. A time to make amends for her 2019 and career statistics. On the other hand, Svitlonia had been in her own space during this tournament. Not much of competition so far. It had been rather smooth tournament in what had been a turbulent affair overall.

Road to Semi-Finals:

Elina Svitlonia:


Simona Halep:

(c) Wimbledon

Let’s look at the stats from the tournament that compare the semi-finalists:

Looking at the mere numbers will tell you that Simona Halep is in for a very tough competition. Svitolina outnumbers Halep in almost all the metrics possible. Only thing that Halep looks better is at the fastest server by a mere 2 MPH and 2nd serve win %, which could potentially be a non-worrying factor in the game. It is an opportunity for Svitolina to make it past the former world number one and into the first Grand Slam finals in her short career so far.

In Conclusion: It would be easy to second guess the chances that star players have in a mega tournament but if anything this Wimbledon had proved, there is always a way out for few surprises. Both Strycova and Svitolina have numbers to back and a clear chance to make it to all-finals-rookie finals.

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