World Cup Squads Analysis- Sri Lanka

The series looks closely at the teams and the individual players who were picked as a part of 15-member squads to England. The report will present the performance of the teams since the 2015 World Cup from 01.Apr.2015 till 31.Mar.2019.

ODI Rank: Eighth

2015 World Cup: Quarterfinals | Played: 07 | Won: 04 | Lost: 03 | N/R: 00 ||

Team Performance since World Cup:

Win/Loss Ratio:

Net Run Rate:

Net Scoring Average:

The Squad: They pick 4 batsmen| 2 all rounders | 2 wicket keepers | 2 spinners | and 5 pace bowlers ||

Image Courtesy Sri Lanka Cricket @OfficialSLC

The Statistics:

Batting Statistics:

Bowling Statistics:

(c) Images and Statistics are from Sri Lanka Cricket, ESPN Cricinfo and ICC Cricket

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