NBA Play Offs: How Los Angeles Clippers stunned Warriors and surprised everyone else

Just when you thought Golden State Warriors were going to be runaway winners, yet again. When the golden boy Steph Curry ran riot in the first game at home marking some of the best career figures. It all came down to a period of meltdown as Los Angeles Clippers made a comeback of epic proportions. They won the second game by turning the tables around and wiping off 31 points lead that Warriors once enjoyed in the game.

They now tie the series 1-1.

How the game unfolded:

Q1: After the wonderful start to the play off season, Golden State Warriors started of well. Though Demarcus Cousins will be heartbroken owing to injury to his quads. But for the team, Warriors took a decent lead of 8 points. Steph Curry started from where he left in the first game, he scored 13 points himself.

Q2: It is still BAU for the team as they built on the momentum. They earned a maximum streak of 7 points compared to Clippers’ 4 points, which essentially meant they were going to lead all through the quarter. Harrell and Beverley made some positive moves but the session again belonged to Steph Curry who now got Looney to his assistance. By the end of this quarter, the lead for Warriors extended to 23 points.

Q3: It is in this session that the tide turned over to Clippers. But, not before Warriors has their share of brilliance. With 7:30 left in the quarter, Warriors led the game by 94-63. They hung in there though, the Clippers. They managed to cut down the lead, thanks to the streak of 6 points from Williams and Green. But Warriors bounced back though. 4 free throws that were completed ensured the lead was still 20 points.

A stoppage in the game and the Warriors never seemed to have turned up to the game after. Another streak of 6 points and 4 points, closed down the gap to 14 points. Lou Williams was brilliant in this quarter. He scored a whooping 17 points, in this quarter alone.

Q4: A sense of worry in the Warriors camp can be observed but they knew that the team always delivered. They did so many times. 14 points is still a big enough lead to fight it through. But, Clippers had other plans. Warriors could manage 23 points the quarter. 11 of these points were scored through free throws and they could convert only one three-pointer, that too came in the dying minutes of the contest.

Harrell joined Williams on the other end. They scored 15 and 12 points the quarter respectively. The streak of 11 points, not much owing to three pointers though but they could make their runs freely. Clippers were back to lead owing to Shamet’s three pointer with 0:16.5 s left. It is only coincidence that the last time Clippers were in the lead was also when Shamet put in a three-pointer in Q1.

The game did come full circle with Clippers winning the second game of the series by 135-131.

Final Scores:

Now, Golden State Warriors will be on the road as they go to the home of Clippers, who would be oozing with confidence. Can Warriors make a comeback?

(c)Statistics and images with NBA and the respective teams

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